CPNtrack Solutions

CPNtrack Solutions

CPNtrack offers your maintenance department unique benefits through dedicated expertise and in-depth data.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions® is a leading fleet software solutions provider for public and commercial fleets across the nation. We pride ourselves on our award-winning dedicated support, highly-experienced installation technicians, and advanced telematics capabilities — all at the core of our unrivaled fleet management and telematics technology.
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Protect your Investments with CPNtrack

Protect your Investments with CPNtrack

Protect your investments with complete visibility and control of assets. CPNtrack uses unique data insights to give you better control of your fleet and make your maintenance operations even more productive.
Know where all your assets are at any time. Asset control goes beyond just
motor vehicles, providing location insight on trailers, heavy equipment, freight, shipping containers and any other assets that are susceptible to theft or misuse. Whether your assets are local or across the nation, CPNtrack Asset Tracking delivers instant alerts on unauthorized usage or stolen equipment.
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CPN Vehicle Tracking Service offer

  • Operational Control — Business manager directing “on time” performance
  • Transparency — to give you confidence in our services
  • Vehicle theft and recovery — Providing valuable protection of your fleet
  • Reduce fuel consumption and cost with proactive driver behaviors
  • Offer real-time, detailed traffic reporting and improved route planning.
  • Provide complete asset management capabilities for better data collection and more focused customer service.
  • Reduced Insurance premiums
  • Dispatcher management and effective communication systems.
  • Reduced Labor cost – Limit overtime and time management

Simple & Powerful Platform

Register and start tracking in less than 5min. Track: vehicle, bike, boat, mobile, person, pet, etc. Powerful GPS server features: alerts, reports, sensors etc. Platform works in everywhere.

Get informed about the best resource for Business Fleet Management

CPN PMcare® program provides a dedicated maintenance team to manage all maintenance events for specific assets. Our experience, combined with proven, home-grown processes, provide best-in-class PM compliance at the lowest total maintenance cost. We supply your parts from our reputable vendors and provide the fixing through our over 2000 verified service vendor across the country. No matter where your vehicle is in the country, we have the solution. Especially for companies with multiple locations – We are your one-stop shop.

Auto-Track Affordable Solutions

Dedicated onboarding, installation, and support teams stand by our customers to truly understand fleet goals and challenges to guide them every step of the way.

Why CPN Track Solutions?

Improve Fleet productivity.

Cost savings – Reduce Fuel cost & Time Management

CPN Data-Driven® Fleet Intelligence

Enhance customer Service

Maintenance scheduling

Automated Alerts & Reporting.

CPN Assurance

Our Measure Of Success Is Not a Product But Customer Satisfaction